Online Training


Welcome to Fitworks Academy Full Service Online Fitness Training and Nutritional Coaching.

Whether you are trying to whip back into shape, shed a few pounds before an upcoming social event, fine-tune your athletic performance, or simply crave a fit and healthier lifestyle; Fitworks Academy Online Training is the starting point of your journey to fitness. I customize each program (from beginner level to advanced) to your specific fitness goals to maximize your physical capabilities.

I understand that some individuals have busy and hectic lifestyles and are not able to commit to exact schedules. My online training is ideal for that individual, as it will give you the concepts and tools  to enable you to train on your own schedule and on a time frame each day that is convenient for your busy lifestyle.

I will guide you through workouts and exercises and through proper eating and diet habits. I will track your progress and hold you accountable. I will motivate you to stay focused towards your fitness goals. You just need to be disciplined and committed.  I Guarantee Results.

What Is Included:

  • Custom tailored workout program for your gym or home to meet your specific fitness goals
  • Strength training, conditioning exercises and routines
  • Tips for eating and nutritional guidance
  • Supplementation guidance
  • Email and text support/consultations and motivation plus a weekly consultation to monitor your progress
  • Setting Goals
  • Follow ups to hold you accountable on your efforts and workouts
  • Personalized Videos

Note: Committed + Disciplined + Accountability = Guaranteed Results

How It Works

We will schedule a mutually convenient time when we can talk on the phone or have a video chat.  We will discuss your current fitness and diet level, any limitations in physical fitness abilities you may have, what equipment or gym access you may or may not have, and what your fitness goals are.

We will set performance goals and  I will  custom tailored a workout program and nutritional program to meet your fitness goals and answer any questions you may have.

Based on your fitness goals, I will then send you a detailed custom workout plan specific to your fitness desires. 

I will then make myself available via text or email through the week and a weekly phone or video call to discuss your progress, workout, eating and to provide encouragement and motivation. I will then use that information and email you your new eating suggestions and fitness routines for that upcoming week. The routines will be ever changing custom to your progress so we can maximize your physical capabilities and results (shock your muscles and maximize progress).

I don’t promote fad diets or other quick fixes. I promote healthy lifestyles that bring consistent and amazing results.  With your dedication, I am 100% confident that we will achieve your goals.

A 12 week program of workouts is recommended as that is the correct time frame for you and the people around you to notice significant changes in your physique and to give you the time needed to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. But that is entirely your choice.

* Payment in advance. Any prices listed are charged in a single transaction prior to service starting. No refunds will be issued if you decide to stop following the program instructed services.