Our Services

Personal Training

Our innovative and dynamic training/workout sessions are what sets Fitworks apart from the rest. Our programs incorporate all exercise to create your perfect physique. We instruct our clients in proper workout and exercise technique, assess fitness levels, provide nutritional coaching and motivate you to surpass your fitness goals and maximize your physical capabilities and help you become the healthiest you.

Body Sculpting

You become the clay that we will mold into your perfect look. We will tailor a customized training program to shape each muscle group into a work of art. Anywhere from a defined lean muscle mass to a sporty fitness physique or a bikini beach body look.

Weight Loss

Designed for individuals who need more focus on reduction of body fat. We tighten and tone your entire body. Target areas for women include the hips, thighs, arms and glutes (butt). For men, the target area is the abdominal area and surrounding.

Abs (Core)

We will introduce you to our “Killer Abs”. We work on your abdominals like no other. We work your core, upper abdominals, lower abdominals and obliques with our extreme exercises to give you the stomach you have always wanted, a stomach “To Die For”.

Boxing and Kickboxing

You will learn all the fundamentals through an intense workout using Focus mitts, Thai pads, Heavy bags and Free weights. During the session you will be working on heavy bags and Thai pads, which enforces one’s resistant training, this gives you a nice lean and well-defined physique! There is also a heavy emphasis placed on mitt work, fighting stance, footwork, and shadow boxing. You will be put through conditioning drills for the abs, chest, buttocks, shoulders and back providing you with a pro fighter’s work out routine that is holistic in utilizing all your major muscle groups.

Sports Specific Training

Improve your game: football, basketball, golf, running, etc. Unleash the Olympian in you. With targeted workout and conditioning programs that will take your game to the next level. We incorporate all aspects of training to improve your performance in your sport of choice. Great for competitive athletes or just the weekend warrior.

Nutritional Coaching

We will implement a nutritional fitness meal plan customized specifically to your goals from weight loss to weight gain. Your image in the mirror doesn’t lie. So we put you on the correct path to proper fitness eating habits.